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How does it feel to be married to a monster? He doesn't feel anything. At all.

In the aftermath of WW2, Nell Martin’s life gets thrown into chaos bringing her into contact with Jed, a Canadian soldier who arrives just when her life depends on it.

They fall in love, marry and move to Vancouver, where young women start to go missing. It takes all of Nell's courage to plan her escape...

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May 2019

All Frank & Ronnie want is to save a life or two on the remote fens....but that’s the job of the Helicopter Rescue. Helicopter Rescue may be a proper registered charity but they haven't got Ronnie's Volvo estate.

A cunning rebrand from 'National Rescue Association (NRA)' to Fenland Mountain Rescue, is all it takes. Probably.

Let's hope they can save their own lives and relationships before anyone else's is in trouble.

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February 2019

Roger Scriveney has everything he could ever want, except the will to live. 

Roger & Kate marry amongst their friends and family and enjoy the best day of their lives. Meanwhile, Roger's mind is on that noose that he knows will break his inevitable fall.

Why is Roger so determined to end at the beginning? Will he succeed? Will love for Kate be enough to keep him around?

This is the story of a man, who's just trying to be.

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